No Girlfriend? No Problem! Japanese Students Invent ‘Girlfriend Coat’ to Hug Lonely People

A team of Japanese engineering students has invented a ‘fulfillment coat’ that may be perfect for those lonely souls in search of girlfriends — like, for example, Japanese engineering students.


 The girlfriend coat is called the “Riajyuu Coat,” which comes from the slang term meaning “someone who is pleased with their life outside the Internet.”

The device looks like a normal coat except for its neon-colored belt, which users fasten around the waist. A machine then winds the belt to simulate the feeling of being hugged from behind. As you feel the squeeze, the headphone that comes with the coat whispers pre-recorded words such as “I am sorry, were you waiting?” and “ Watch your back!” into your ears.

“The concept of this device is everyone can get the feeling [of] having a girlfriend,” hardware engineer Hikaru Sugiura said.

Looking to add this device to your personal wardrobe? Don’t hold your breath. For now, it’s unclear whether the coat is a serious product or joke among friends, although the YouTube video’s lighthearted tone suggests the latter.

Would you use the girlfriend coat? 🙂

Watch the Girlfriend coat video here:



Food Review: Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood

It was past dinner time and I was so tired from walking around Makati so I finally rested at the nearest foodcourt inside Landmark. My friend told me to try out Karate Kid because they serve delicious Japanese dishes. True enough, the menu looks good with all the enticing pictures of burgers and pastas, really made me even more hungry!

Since I’ve been missing Takoyaki so much (my favorite food stall Maru Maru sadly closed down at Trinoma Mall last year), I ordered 4 pcs of their Special Takoyaki with katsuboshi (fish flakes), thinking maybe they can become a suitable replacement for my huge takoyaki cravings.


However, I got disappointed at my first bite. I don’t like it at all. My idea of Takoyaki is that they are octopus balls, not cabbage or vegetable balls. I don’t know if there are really no octopus bits inside or if they’re just too small that they drowned completely inside cabbages and carrots. They taste more like coleslaw, and it’s way too different from what I ate at Takoyaki Museum in Odaiba, Japan. I think Samurai’s (old time favorite!) and Octoboy’s are so much better.

I also ordered Ebi Katsu Burger Combo Meal (crunchy breaded shrimp patty). I’ve been wanting to taste this since forever, because I haven’t got the chance to try when I was still in Tokyo.


I like the way the shrimp patties were made, they have real whole shrimps inside and they are so tasty. It’s not like in other fastfood chains where they taste like just plain breadcrumbs. But I think it was a bit salty that I could even taste the MSG in it. Another thing is that the burger buns are too sloppy and red iced tea is too sweet.

The verdict? Well to be honest, it’s a FAIL for me…

But they still got a lot of other dishes, I would love to try them the next time I visit the place. Their pastas and teppanyakis look really nice in pictures. Hopefully it won’t be a fail the second time around.