Upcoming Marvel Movies – 2013 and Beyond

Back in my younger days, I wasn’t really a huge fan of ANY comic superheroes. I just know Superman and Batman. Well who wouldn’t? They have appeared in series of television shows that were aired repeatedly over and over again. I think they were also the first comic characters to appear in movies. Batman movie in 1966 and Superman in 1978, gosh I wasn’t even born during that time! Then came their Part 2s, Part3s and so on… I lost count on how many movies there are in total for just these 2 characters alone. Or perhaps I just didn’t really care at all…

But that was before… things were different now. Blame it to huge productions, amazing CGIs & special effects and awesome marketing campaigns. They keep getting better & better every time! They were so awesome and I totally LOVE it!

And to make it even more exciting, here is the summary list of upcoming films based on Marvel characters. The line-up looks so amazing!  Wonder if there will also be similar line-up for rival DC comics? Hmm let’s find out soon! 🙂

Iron Man 3

Release Date: May 3, 2013 (United States); April 26, 2013 (United Kingdom); April 25, 2013 (International) Studio: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures Director: Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Screenwriters: Drew Pearce (No Heroics), Shane Black Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce The Scoop: Consider this one signed, sealed and delivered. Both Downey and Black have gone on record saying that they’re aiming to make up for the rushed, haphazard Iron Man 2 and have a more cohesive and challenging story in play this time around. In this one, Downey’s Tony Stark/Iron Man finally meets his comics arch-nemesis The Mandarin (played by Kingsley), while also looping in the adversaries of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s “Extremis” story-arc which served, stylistically, as the touchstone for the original movie. As the first movie in Marvel’s Phase Two, Iron Man 3 has a lot to prove.

The Wolverine

Release Date: July 26, 2013 (United States); July 25, 2013 (Australia); July 24, 2013 (International) Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Director: James Mangold (Walk The Line; 3:10 To Yuma) Screenwriters: Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher; X-Men; The Usual Suspects), Mark Bomback (Total Recall; Live Free or Die Hard), Scott Frank (Minority Report) Actors: Hugh Jackman, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tao Okamoto, Will Yun Lee The Scoop: After X-Men Origins: Wolverine I wasn’t high on the idea of a sequel despite my love for the character and Hugh Jackman’s work, but damned if they haven’t seemed to have turned it around. With Mangold on board and Jackman firmly guiding the movie as a producer and star, The Wolverine looks to be just the kind of standalone unencumbered story the character, and the X-Men franchise, need.

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Movies to Watch Out For This Weekend: March 30!

Can’t wait!!! Here are 3 exciting movies to watch out for in the Philippines on March 30! These are the times when sureseats reservation always comes in handy! Happy watching! 😉


Yes, this one could have been on the list of the most anticipated movies of 2012 (it was originally scheduled for release last summer, but was delayed). But with Dwayne “You can call me ‘The Rock’ again” Johnson leading the team, Bruce Willis as the original Joe, and ninjas fighting on the side of a mountain – all in 3D, no less – what’s not to get excited about? And rumor has it they reshot a bigger part for Channing Tatum, so maybe he can bring some of his “magic” to this one.

WATCH TRAILER HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKNpy-tGwxE


With the “Twilight” saga having come to a close last year, Twi-hards are on the lookout for their next big movie obsession. This adaptation of another Stephenie Meyer novel will hopefully fit the bill. Instead of vampires, this story has aliens which invade the planet by taking over human bodies. But one girl, Melanie (played by Oscar-nominee Saoirse Ronan), is able to coexist with her alien presence – and, naturally, get into a love triangle (or is it a quadrangle?)

WATCH TRAILER HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHAW-U6oVr8


A happy ending continues to elude sweethearts Miggy and Laida, as seen in the first trailer of the highly anticipated third installment in the film series starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Billed as the final installment of a trilogy, the upcoming romantic-comedy sees Miggy in a relationship with a character portrayed by actress-host Isabelle Daza. Laida, meanwhile, is seen joining Miggy’s company anew after some time working overseas. Here, the former couple try to co-exist amicably despite their history and current circumstances. With the first two movies among the highest grossing local films of all time, “It Takes a Man and a Woman” is expected to replicate the success of “A Very Special Love” and “You Changed My Life,” which were released in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

WATCH TRAILER HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADgo3rGmbPk