The Next Iphone 5s?

For Apple fans out there, here’s some interesting article:

While everyone is sliding towards the reports that iOS 7 will feature a redesign, here comes an alleged photo of the next iPhone’s hardware – and it looks interesting as it employs the iPhone 5‘s look with a totally different implementation. Apple iPhone 5S anyone?


GSMarena received images of what seems to be a prototype of Apple (note that the source couldn’t even swear to its authenticity), but what makes it believable up to a certain extent is that Apple had a similar patent approved last week. The screen on the image isn’t visible, and gone is the signature home-button. The site states that the design isn’t typical of Apple as it favors squarish & compact designs.


The angle we can take this on is that Jony Ive is now working on both hardware and software teams of Apple, and this could be a move to match both and make it compliment each other designwise. If iOS 7 really is facing a redesign, then the loss of a home button can be justified.

It also could be just a prototype which won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon. Or, just a very good render as we so no flaws in the image itself. We prepared a render for you down below.

5S yugatech





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